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WOW. Here I am. Nine months since my last post, Should I just start a completely new blog? Who am I kidding...that would be neglected too. I say "whole new blog" since so much has changed around here. Or at least it feels like a lot has. I guess I should catch up.

Currently, I've retreated to my upstairs office (remember that pretty playroom?). Business took off and Mama's shop invaded half the playroom. To add - office with a glass of Merlot. Because: summer break....and my inability to tell my children "no, you are going to your own room after we watch Beauty and the Beast. I really have been wanting to stop by this little spot for quite some time...but I knew I'd really need to dive in. Now finally felt like a great time, in hopes that my crazy night-owl duo will knock out and I can go back down to sweet sweet silence. 

 Don't worry, I still have a husband. All is well. He is still a chef...so that answers the next question on where he is at this hour of the night. In fact, that may be one the biggest things I can share, actually. His career. If you've followed along here you know that we've been incredibly blessed in his culinary career path. I've shared these steps along the way from early on. He recently accepted a new position. His prior position was also amazing and I know he'll forever be appreciative of that role and his growth from it. 

 But this one, it's a huge step. Funny enough, it's the same restaurant he was a Sous Chef at for nearly five years before moving on to the Executive spot in this last job, a little less than three years ago. Way back, I don't think he could have ever imagined filling this prestigious role, but now, here he is! I know he is honored and super excited about what's to come with this new journey. Many huge names and incredibly successful chefs have headed up this small family of restaurants. Honestly, it's all very surreal and super super exciting. 

This past week before officially jumping in at the new spot he traveled to New Orleans to be immersed in the whole scene (the new spot is based from and originated in NOLA). That type of cooking has always been his style and he loves going there, so I decided to join for a few days, along with our friend, Chris. He gave himself the title of my bodyguard for the trip. Haha. Joe had a very busy schedule so we didn't get to see him a lot. But we did squeeze in some Bourbon street and casino time with him after he finished all of his (super cool) business for the day. There really are too many photos to share (so.much.food!), but here are several. 

Now, on to some other big things that deserved their very own post over these past nine months...

-I'm sure I've mentioned my Meme here before. Well, back in October she passed away after a short battle with cancer. Only two months long. Lung and Brain. It was hard for me then and it still is. She was one of the most important people in my life. The only one who knew all the stupid details of my every day. I talked to her on the phone daily, usually multiple times a day. And she actually cared about my day to day nothings. Cancer is horrible and she didn't deserve what happened to her. I miss her every day. 

-We got a cat. She's cool. She isn't the sweetest thing ever. But...cats. I love her. She loves me. She tolerates the kids. I've missed having a cat. It took me a long time to talk Joe into being ok with getting one. Him and Finley actually got the final choice at the shelter. He likes her well enough ;)

-We got a bunny. Finley's very first pet, "Jenny", the Guniea Pig died suddenly. We still don't know why. My plan was to NOT replace her. But, of course daddy dearest suggested we get one of those cute bunnies like we had just seen at the livestock show and of course Finley LOVED that idea. And really, who can say no to a cute floppy eared bunny? This is Benji and he's pretty darn cute. Also, he might just be the sweetest rabbit ever.

-Finley turned six last month. Carson turns four next month. She finished Kindergarten and he starts Pre-K this coming year. We are into week two of summer break and thoroughly enjoying it. All of us. The break has been so so so nice. No strict bedtimes, schedules or early wake-up's. Much needed.

-My mom moved away. Yep, she moved back to Florida (where I'm from). She retired early and went to help care for my Grandparents. Luckily, we still get to see her often since she comes back to visit and stay with us every couple of months.

-We are going to buy a new house. Build, actually. Wait, what? Yes, we've only been in this one for two and a half years. BUT, we didn't really need a guest room when we purchased this home (see update just above) and we also didn't really need a designated office as I didn't have my business back then. We really do need both of those things now. We toyed with the idea of doing some updates in this home, and even moved forward with finding a contractor and almost pulling the trigger. It ultimately boiled down to not really being happy with our backyard. It's small and we have a two story neighbor directly behind us, which leaves no privacy, even with a privacy fence. Both things we didn't realize would bother us so much, but they do. We haven't been able to find the style of home we want pre-built. Believe me, I check listings almost daily! I feel like home interior styles have changed so much recently. Unless it's something that has been re-done very recently, it's probably not the look we're going for. I'll admit, I am very picky this time. Ask my realtor. Good thing she's one of my closest friends and puts up with my crazy We just aren't going to settle this time. We plan to stay in this one for the long haul, and we will love it. We currently have our sights set on a new construction neighborhood very close to our current one. They are taking their sweet time with opening their new section, so we are patiently waiting. Calling every.single.week for updates. The last update, yesterday, had to do with the rain delaying some road laying and city approvals. Hopefully soon they can move forward with that, we can get under contract, and get the ball rolling! 


There really are so many other smaller things that I know I'm forgetting. It's been an action packed time for us. Instead of trying to remember everything I'll leave with a few key pictures and hopes to not stay away for so long before next time.

(first year of T-Ball) -Yes, I had a short stint with brown hair- 

(Muffins with mom)

(Three year trophy and studio dance rehearsal)

(Last day of MDO 3's)

(Kinder end of year party, on her Birthday!)

Have a great weekend!


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