Loving Lately

It's been a long time since I've done a favorites post. It's been a long time since I've posted about anything besides life updates. So I'm due. 
Whenever the seasons start to change up....ok lets be honest...when they *should* be changing (we're in Houston), I get the bug to change stuff up, and to shop. Especially during the fall. Here are some of my new(ish) favs.

Mac Velvet Teddy || Milani Adorable
I recently went on a Kylie Lip Kit dupe frenzy. These two were a result of that. I really love them both. The Milani Adorable is my favorite but both are really great. They are perfect for my fair skin without being too much. 
Batiste Dry Shampoo
I linked to Amazon but I get this cheaper at Walmart or TJ Maxx. I've been under a rock, y'all. I'd consider myself a dry shampoo expert. I've been using it for the longest time now and have tried most every kind but somehow not this one. I'm on my second bottle and I'm pretty sure I love it more than the KMS Brand that I always go back to. Try it if you haven't yet.
These Cheese Sticks
I've told my circle of friends about these things. I'm that obsessed. We are never without them in our house these days. Every time I eat them I ramble on about how I could live off them. They are pure amazingness. If you love Parmesan Cheese these will be your jam. 
Next Level Tri Blend Dolman Shirts
A friend recommended these shirts to me. They're simple (and inexpensive!) but super cute on. They are versatile and comfy. I change it up sometimes wearing them off shoulder while other times straight across. They have a cozy, relaxed feel to them. I currently have my 5th on the way. They're that great. I've been pairing them with jean shorts or skinnies with some cute sandals. They fit true to size. 
Game of Thrones
I couldn't leave this out of  a "loving lately" post. I cannot be the only person who is just now watching, right? We are on season four. For the longest time Joe begged me to watch with him. I've always hated anything with that "medieval" feel to it. I would actually refer to it as "your stupid show". BUT I could really tell he wanted me to watch with him (he's super obsessed), so like the wonderful wife I am, I finally gave in ;) and here I am. Listing it here. If you are like me, just watch it. 
That's it for now. This Mama needs to catch up on her shows and it's getting late. Happy weekend!

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