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Hi! It's been an eventful couple of weeks for us. Kindergarten is still going great for Finley AND Carson Started Preschool last week. He LOVES it! I mentioned a couple of posts ago that he didn't get into the Preschool Finley went to because I waited too long to decide that he was going to go this year. The original plan was to wait until official Pre-K (like we did with F), but then he really wanted to go, and with things being so busy with my biz these days, I figured why not? Gives me a little kid free work time. Anyways, a couple of weeks before school started we got a super exciting call. We'd made it all the way up the waiting list and he was in at our school of choice! All of the other names ahead of us had already found schools. We had too, but there was no turning down a school we've grown to love some much. I'm so happy we'll get another two years there. He's only going two days a week - although I'm pretty sure he'd go every day if he could. He really, really loves it. 

 At Meet the Teacher we filled out a little questionnaire about our kids...their favorite things, people they see often, their pets, friends, etc. Just so the teachers know a little about them to begin with. There was a section to include any note you'd like as well. I thought they should know "he's really sweet, and generally very good". That sums up our boy, y'all. Anyways, after school on the first day that's exactly what his teacher told us "he's such a good boy and he listens so well!". Talk about proud! He can have his moments like any three year old but geez do we love that sweet boy. 

As you can imagine, it's pretty exciting having two kids in school. For me, mainly because it allows for a little uninterrupted work time. But not that first day. Hubs claimed me to tag along with him. We had to take a "kid freeee" shot before we headed over to the restaurant for him to do a a few segments for our local news station. 

(oh yeah, new hair for me! Darker and shorter!)

For the segment, which was a game day theme, Joe made...
- Brisket Loaded Mac N Cheese
- Brisket Tacos (with pico)
-Warm Potato Salad

A shot by your's truly...paparazzi wife.

Here's one of the videos from the morning if you're down for some brisket tacos and the recipes, too! There were several dishes (all included in that recipe link).

Speaking of work, I need to get on that. I have an hour and a half until I head to get Carson from school and a list of orders that keep rolling in that I need to cut! Have a great week!

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