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It's when I get a new follow on Blog Lovin', the Ourlittleloves Facebook page or a surprise check in the mail that I tell myself "must go write that blog post I've been meaning to". So here I am! Thanks Pinterest for keepin' this place afloat ;)

Big news round here, y'all! We have a kindergartener! Week one is in the books. Today she began week two. Can you believe it? To think I've been writing here since bed rest with her!! My how this place has changed. She's FIVE now {insert big eyed emoji}! Which reminds me - I need to get on picture printing...like last year. 

Big girl is doing great. Although on the second day of school she did ask when she was going to get a day off. School is exhausting, y'all and we like our sleep time in the mornings! So we counted down to the weekend. "So then I'm done?". "Nope. The you go back again for five more days. Then over and over and over." "Oh..." I feel ya, girl. I do... 

To add to all the excitement, we have preschool meet the teacher this week and Carson starts next week! This will be his first year going to school and he is SO excited. He was ready to go with sister! I'll for sure be stopping by to share how school is going for him as well as a "favorites" post soon to come. So much stuff I'm loving lately and I need to share!

Hope back to school has been great for your school age littles (and for those parents who aren't used to being early risers!) as well! 

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