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Hey there! Happy <barely> Friday. 

::: Quick side note: Hi pinners! Looks like most of y'all come from there these days. Yay for fun home decorating. Glad you like our rooms! :::

Now, back so your regularly scheduled blogging...

So much is going on round these parts these days. I figured I'd stop by and give a little life update. First off, it's midnight and this is when I could fit in a post. I attempted several times before this. And here we are now. You know, since we have big kids now. Yep, Finley turned 5 in May. Carson turned 3 just this Monday. Gosh they are making me old.

Another big one. Not only does our girl start Kindergarten this year (gasp!), but we made the decision to put our boy in preschool a year earlier than Finley started (she went to real pre-k at four). One day he popped out with "I want you to take me to sisters school...and leave me there". The boy who refuses to go to the church nursery. Oooooo-k. Then the idea started sounding better and better. My business is pretty demanding these days. I kind of need more time to work alone. These nearly all nighters are exhausting and with early morning drop offs in the near future I need to go to bed at normal person hours. Of course I waited too long and he was like spot #14 on the waiting list at Finley's school. BUT it was meant to be. There was ONE spot open at the church we attend and we snagged it! We're all pretty excited. It's just two days a week but I think it will be great for him. They have a legit curriculum and since hes young for his age I think the little head start will be great for him. I think he's a pretty smart boy already but since I'm his momma maybe I'm just biased?...but I really don't think so. 

So back to the hustle of life and the business I spoke of up there. Y'all, Tulip + Vine is doing really well! It makes my heart so happy. I've put my heart into this business and it's paying off. After starting out locally, then opening up shop on Etsy and doing well, it was time to branch into my own standalone eCommerce domain. Enter TulipVine.net

I'm really happy with the new(ish) site. My business has come so far and there are still so many more goals and plans for the future. It's all just really exciting.

I could go on and on tonight because there really are so many things I want to update y'all on but I think I'll leave some of that for later. The husband is ready to catch up on Big Brother and I need to work on a few shop things first. Until next time!


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