Why I Still Blog

Over the past few months there have been many long gaps between posts. In all honestly, this blogging thing really isn't up there super high on the priority list these days. It once was. I enjoyed it. I still do. But ALL the other things. This isn't a bad thing. Life, kids, my new little thriving biz and all. They come first. 

But I still come back every so often. Maybe during that little gap of time when the kids are destroying the playroom. Or after they're in bed, when I really should be working on an order, paying bills, folding laundry, or scrubbing the bathtub, Maybe during nap time. Even though I have a full list of calls to make to the dentist, pediatrician, insurance company or whatever else is on the list that particular day. I'll occasionally squeeze a post in. 


Because y'all still come back to this place. 

Back around the time I was due with Carson I hadn't posted in a while. I had a friend tell me that someone in her online mommy group asked about ME. She basically just said "hey, anyone else read April's blog and know if she had her baby yet?". This was a shock to me and super awesome. Little ol' me...and one of y'all cared. Thanks for that, if you still come by and happen to read this.

Then, a couple of months ago the kids and I went out with a few friends for a day at the boardwalk and some lunch. I know that my friend has read here before, but somehow we crossed the blog subject and she mentioned my blog to the other girls out with us. She told them that it was great and they should read. She commented on one of my recent posts. Wait, what? I sometimes forget that people I know in real life might be stopping by here. It's a little bit weird but also super cool that they think the stuff I type is worth coming back to read. Anyway's, hey Brit. ;) 

Because it helps us remember. 

I can't count how many times I've come back here when I forgot something. A milestone date for the kids, a week during pregnancy when something happened, what we did for a particular holiday/birthday. This place is great for reference. It lets me relive memories that may not be very fresh in my hectic mommy mind. A lot has happened since the birth of Finley, but I sure can come by here and read all about that day. And one day the kids can read it all too. Although there will be times they don't remember, they can read all about them. Hopefully they'll see how hard we tried as parents and how loved they really were/are. 

Because it's an outlet. 

Despite looking a hot mess most of the time, I'm still me. I love makeup, skincare, home decor, crafty stuff and organization. I'm that crazy Type-A personality girl. And I love sharing about all those things. I may not have all the time in the world anymore, but when I do, it's fun. 


There was a point in time that I cared about blog popularity. Getting more readers, being seen in the blogging community, monetizing, "networking". While having people come by here to read is in fact really nice, I just don't have the time or energy for the whole blog popularity game. I know some people make lots of cash blogging, and that's great. But that's just not a priority or goal of mine these days and just seems...exhausting. 

So whether I post every other day for a full week or once after a two month absence, I'll be here. Eventually ;) I really do love this little spot too much to leave for good...busy times and all. 

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  1. I follow you on Bloglovin' so I will still see your posts from time to time! Isn't it the weirdest when you find out people you know read your blog? It always makes me feel a little awkward haha!


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