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Hey, Hey!

We're still here! November and December about did me in. With all the holiday stuff and shop orders I was one busy Momma. After the New Year, things tamed down a bit but have begun to pick up again. Like as in, I'm not even going to think about how many orders I have in right now...just for a few minutes. But this is all awesome. 

There really is too much to recap on. We had Thanksgiving at our house. Then there was Finley's Christmas program and party at school. We went to the Christmas train, to see Santa, my Mom came in town and stayed with us for nine days. Speaking of - my mom retired early and moved back to my home state of Florida to help care for my Grandparents. We'll miss her but she'll be back to visit every 6-8 weeks so that's great and we'll still see her plenty. 

The Christmas train was a big highlight to the season. It's an elaborate thing at a local church and really really nice. The signs and set-up's along the way tell Jesus's story from birth to when he rose. It really is so nice and such a great yearly tradition.

For NYE I let Finley stay up late to experience the countdown for the first time. It was really sweet and exciting for her. Joe made it home from work before 12. After all running upstairs at midnight to give our sleeping little man his midnight kiss we ran outside to watch the fireworks being sent up by neighbors. F kept excitedly saying "it really is a happy new year". Her excitement made my heart smile. Then we quickly ran back inside, because it was freezing...and we were in pajamas. I think this was the perfect year to let her stay up (she's four and a half) and I can't wait for when Carson is old enough to stay up late for the countdown too.

I've really enjoyed the break from dance and school for Finley. No carting around, homework or lunch packing for me. But I'm also excited for them to start up again tonight and tomorrow because this girl loves her some school and playing with her friends. 

Now, since it's about time to get ready for the first day back to dance, I'll just throw these here. 

I hope everyone else had a safe and Happy Holidays.


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  1. Hi,
    This is a very nice post. The holiday was awesome. It was a safe and happy holiday. Kids are very cute. Thank you for sharing this with us. I also want an enjoyable and fresh holiday.


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