My Christmas Wish List

I always love seeing what others have on their list of wants so I thought I'd share mine in case you're at a loss for ideas this year.


Rockstar Jeans // Go-Dry Leggings // Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM // Strappy Wedges // Big Sexy Hair // Argan Oil // Black Converse // Ballistic Iphone Case // Ankle Booties // Remington Curling Wand

I may or many not have already ordered the hair curling wand this afternoon. I'll keep y'all updated. My hair does NOT hold a curl but this was the most popular wand on Amazon with amazing reviews so I have high hopes. A friend recommended a more expensive brand but I couldn't see spending a ton when I'm not really sure if it would get used a lot or not. So, we shall see... 

The jeans and leggings - have them both. Love them both. Just need new ones. 

Now, the purse. Don't think I'm crazy. Yes, it's on my wish list. It's been on there since shortly after I go my Speedy 30 LV bag six years ago. It lives on my wish list. One day, y'all. I don't actually expect this for Christmas. But one of these days it will happen! I actually saved up to buy it for myself about three years ago...but then we wanted a deck outside...and I sacrificed. And then we moved. Gahh.
Argan Oil. It's great. I'm wanting to switch brands. If you've never used Argan Oil on your face before, definitely try it out. 
A few weeks ago I got the iphone 6s plus. I love it. It's gold and pretty. My case hides the pretty. I like the case I have but wanted to try a clear one. Durable matters to me though. I drop my phone way too often. Hence the more cushioned areas on this clear one. It has good reviews. I'll be getting a screen cover too. 
I love my Converse sneakers. Wear them ALL the time but don't have black yet. So there's that.
My hair is fine and limp. I love to give it some boost. I used a powder type product way back but could't remember which one. Saw this recommended on another blog and want to give it a try. Hopefully it's like the one I used before.

Do you have a list this year or are you at a loss? 



  1. Those booties from Amazon are SO cute! I would never have thought to look there for shoes. Do you already have these? I want them!

  2. I also have fine limp hair and I've been LOVING the Batiste powder spray. I think I first picked it up at Marshall's. It smells pretty, too.

    I had to buy a wand to make Georgia's itty bitty curls for cheer. I tried it out on my hair but I think I need to follow a better DIY video because the curls were terrible on me!!!!


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