Our Halloween 2016

A little late to the costume post game.

Halloween was an interesting day in our neck of the woods. The night before there were tornadoes all around. Six or seven, I think! Our phone alerts were going off over and over telling us to seek shelter. It was intense and there was lots of damage nearby. The closest tornado hit only about eight minutes from our house. 

On Halloween evening it was sprinkling on and off, but nothing too crazy, so we decided to brave it. 

It was a nice night spent with family. Our little Dino and Olivia the pig ate it all up. Finley couldn't wait to go trick or treating. She started asking first thing in the morning. I explained to her that we had to wait until it was *almost* dark outside first.

Once inside for the night, Finley started to pick up all our Halloween decorations to put away. She announced "time to put up the Christmas tree!". We'll be waiting a few weeks ;)


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