Cold Weather Skin Care

Going to flip to Esthetician mode for a minute. 

With the freezing air finally blowing through here in Houston, my skin is feeling it. It's time to switch it up. (Side note: Freezing = 48 degrees. Go ahead and roll your eyes at me now.) 

First, exfoliate more. Drier skin means more built up cells. Slough that stuff off. I have a new go-to exfoliator by Vasanti. I discover it through ipsy and it's really great. Lots of crystals and they really polish well. 

Thicken up your moisturizer. Even if you're oil prone. It doesn't have to be super thick. I am prone to dryness and have been loving this. My mom gifted me a Perricone MD set and I've been using the thicker evening repair both AM and PM, since it's much thicker than their AM formula. It's pricey but their sets are a much better deal. Heads up - The Cold Plasma neck stuff in the kit is supposed to be amazing and my mom has seen great results with it. I can.not.stand the smell. But the Evening Repair is great. It's not overly thick. Just enough.

Use a gentler cleanser. I always use gentle formulas but I know many do not. Especially during the warm months. If you use an oily skin cleanser, switch to normal. If you use normal, switch to gentle. If you don't feel like a gentle cleanser always does the trick for makeup (like me), these wipes are awesome at cleaning up anything left over. 

This one is a given, but, good chap stick. I've tried the cutesy packaged ones. I wanted to love Baby Lips by Maybelline BUT, dry skin equals dry lips and I guess not everything does the trick. My trusty go-to. Super boring, I know. But it works for me when I get really chapped when many won't.
Have your switched your skin care up since the weather change? You should! 


  1. I am really struggling with dry skin right now. Esp on my nose! I exfoliate and moisturize everyday but every day, without fail, I have flaky skin peaking out from under my foundation. It's not a good look!

  2. Thank you! I was just telling my husband how dry my skin gets in the winter! Mason too.

  3. Wonderful!! Definitely believe that which you stated. Now I'm easily moisturizing my skin by using Sakare skincare moisturizer. I'd recommend to all my friends.


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