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I mentioned in my last post that my slight absence here was due to working on my photography learning. It's been great. I took Lightroom and Photoshop classes and am continuing to work and grow with all that. 

Also, Finley stars PreK on Tuesday! We've been preparing for that. Shopping, parent night, meet the teacher day etc. All super exciting stuff. This next grocery trip will involve stocking up to pack her lunches. I'm packing my girls lunch, y'all. This is nuts. It's been FIVE years since I was pregnant with her. Time has flown by. 

 This is her first school setting ever. No daycare or anything. We are so excited for her to have fun and make friends. Life is going to change so much for our girl this year. She will be going to a private christian school. They go to chapel and pray daily. They even submit requests and pray for friends or family that need it. I love this. While it's sad that she's grown so fast, I have co concerns with sending her where we have chosen. The school and her teachers are amazing and I know she will be in great hands. 

I don't think I posted about it here but dance started back up a couple of weeks ago. There are three girls in her class from last years class so that's pretty cool. It's a big group so there's lots of new girls to get to know too :) 

Little man had his two year checkup this past week (a little late). He's still a little peanut but he's starting to bump up a bit on the charts. He's doing great in all aspects of his development. His isn't as vocal as Finley was at this point but I hear that's common for boys vs girls. He's much more physically coordinated. Although, over the past couple of weeks his speech has really been taking off. It's pretty cute. 

The other night the kids decided that Carson wasn't going to sleep in his crib. He grabbed his dream light and pillow and headed to Finley's bed. I gave in and let them try it out. 

I kissed them goodnight, turned out the lights and then sat outside her room listening for a bit. They talked about the lights on the ceiling and questioned if mommy had gone downstairs. I texted Joe their picture (he was working). He said it wouldn't last. It didn't. A whole ten minutes later Carson was scooping up his pillow and Finley was yelling "Mommy, put Carson is his crib".

These kids. 


  1. Good luck on her first day of school! Sounds like she's going to do great :)

  2. Cute tiny steps for them- important changes

  3. Cute kids. They grow up so fast. Going to Dance class probably helped your older one to fit right in when it came to school. Hope all went smoothly.


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