Warm Weather Go-To Shoes | Kid Edition

Back when Finley was tiny she wore shoes like a little fashionista. I remember having like twenty five pairs of size three and four shoes to get rid of. That's just insane.

There were probably definitely shoes she never even wore. Hello panda print mary janes with the tag still attached.

The struggle was real. Baby girl shoes are cute.

Since then I've calmed down. The other day I got to thinking - I'm pretty sure Finley has worn the same two pairs of shoes since the spring.

While Carson has a few in rotation (with others than don't get as much love), we mainly stick to those few favorites. 

When I say she wears these shoes daily, I really mean it. Go look at any of our pictures. See. They are the best. I realize they may seem like a splurge for kid sandals, but these things are workhorses. They hold up. And since they're so adjustable, you can order a little big and really make them last. We got gold this year. A little big. I'm guessing they'll probably still fit next spring. The white ones were worn all last summer and she's just now growing out of them. 

Sizing is tricky. I did lots of reading up because there isn't a store that sells them close by us. I could drive 45 minutes, but you know...

The originals run big, and by big I mean huge. Like a full size bigger. We had to send our first pair back. The sweethearts run pretty true to size. Both are very adjustable.

I actually prefer the look of the sweethearts now but both are great.

The Toms get the most use by far. Gray is so versatile. Carson's are faded from being washed several times. I like the the lighter "worn" look. This is Carson's second pair but he's about to need new ones already. 

The Vans got a lot of use for a long while. He's almost outgrown them now. We have a bigger pair ready to go - but in black this time. They stay on pretty well and go nicely with casual outfits.

The Converse also get their fair share of use. More so now that the Vans fit a little tight. I like them with his more sporty and play type outfits. They stay on the best out of the three. I definitely want laces for his next pair. That probably won't be until next spring (unless we decide on a different color), since he already has black shoes for the fall.

He has sandals and flip flops (with a band on a back) but oddly, we reach for these shoes more. We're still in the "pull off all the shoes" stage and these tend to last longer.

Who said dressing a boy wasn't fun?

What are your favorite warm weather shoes for your kids? Have you started fall shoe shopping yet? It's slowly creeping up!


  1. The little TOMS are so adorable!

  2. I love love love toms! I haven't gotten any for my daughter yet because her little feet were growing so fast but now that she can at least make it through a season or two in a particular size I'll be getting her some for this fall!

  3. I love show shopping! My daughter has a lot of shoes. But right now, both kids wear moccasins the most.

  4. Your kids are real fashionistas:) I love those shoes. I think I need to buy toms for fall season for daughter too. Recently I bought her first pair of crocks. And I have to admit, I never liked them. But as soon she started wearing them, I realized those shoes are gonna stay:) They're so comfy. And now we live in a very suburban place and those crocks are just perfect for everyday use.


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