New Personal-Planner // Review & Plum Planner Comparison

I'd been using the Plum Planner for several months. Then, disaster struck. Carson got a hold of it...and a sharpie. I did as much damage control as possible with Wite Out and stickers, but was still a little sad about it. 

Then, a friend mentioned the Personal-Planner. It pulled me in. After some chatting with a wonderful lady over at Personal-Planner, I was given the opportunity to review one of my own!

The best part about the Personal Planner is that it's so customizable. I was able to fully design the front and back covers. You can create anything you want and upload it. I noticed a lot of people create collages on PicMonkey. I used one of their stock photos that I really liked but zoomed it to my own liking and chose my own fonts. I did the same image for the back cover but in grayscale.

The band is included with this planner. There are several colors to choose from. I liked black for my cover and figured it would stay cleaner than white. 

The was able to fully customize my weekly view - The design at the top, the lines, the bottom modules, the weather and workout features added to each day. This is a huge plus to this planner. None of the others I looked into had such great customization options.

I picked the A5 size. It's the biggest. Going from a Plum Planner (which is considerably larger) I felt  I needed this size since I've been happy with the larger size of the Plum. I'm glad I chose the A5 and wouldn't want anything smaller. I don't like things cramped. I feel like the days would be too short for me in the square sized one (unless I excluded the weather and fitness part). I write everything, though, not just key things.

More on the size in my comparison down below...

The options for the bottom modules.

Some of the options for the sections in the back. The choices vary a bit for each area. I like to be able to change stuff up so I went with mostly lined. Boring, I know.

Plum Comparison

First impression opening the package - It felt light compared to the Plum. It crossed my mind that maybe it wasn't as sturdy or as nice quality. That's not at all true, though. I just wasn't used to the lighter feel, which I actually feel is a big plus now since I tote my planner in my purse.

In all my planner research, I've seen complaints about the heavy weight of some of the popular planners. The Personal Planner isn't at all heavy. But that doesn't mean it lacks quality.

I think the lighter weight has a lot to do with the binding. It isn't as thick. I don't find it to be weak or flimsy though. Far from. The binding on the Plum does have less give (if any) when you pinch it together. I know to some having a super strong binding matters. I don't have any issue with the somewhat thinner binding on the Personal Planner. It feels strong and thick enough. I guess after several months of use (and being toted around in my purse) it could possibly pinch in at the top and bottom, but I'm sure it could easily be pulled back in place. 

I'm no paper thickness expert, but the pages feel just as thick as the Plum, which matters for pen bleed through. I tested using my darkest Papermate Flair pen. Both had a faint shadow on the other side but no real bleed through. 

The snap-in ruler is included with the Personal Planner (several colors to choose from), which is great for finding my spot. 

There are four different standard layouts to choose from for the Plum weekly pages, but it's not fully customizable and the colors are standard. I definitely think the Personal Planner looks "prettier" since you're able to pick colors and a top bar pattern to your liking. They don't have to be all pink, like mine ;)

I do wish the weekend days were the same height as the others since all our days are the same here, but it's not a huge deal. 

These are the back "pockets". I don't really have a preference and like both. 

The only thing I would have loved in the Personal Planner would have been tabbed months. The Plum has very nice laminated tabs and I find myself wanting to grab for them with this planner to navigate through it. But, I still feel like all the benefits greatly outweigh this. Having the click in ruler does help me to quickly find my way to the current week. 

Plum Planner comes packaged in a nice box. The Personal Planner came in a cute green structured cardboard mailer. Less frills but it did the job and my planner arrived in perfect shape. I figured I'd include this since I always see packaging info in reviews.

Price comparison

 Plum Planner $39.75 shipped (with no add-on's)
Personal-Planner A5 size $39.95 (with some extras included)

Key Observations Summary

Plum is Bigger and heavier | Personal Planner is Smaller and lighter

Plum has nice monthly tabs | Personal Planner has no tabs

Both have a back storage pocket

Plum has very thick binding | Personal has thinner (but double) binding

Both have nice quality, thick pages

Plum has four weekly page layout options | Personal Planner weekly pages are fully customizable

Plum has nice covers to choose from | You choose or custom design your Personal Planner covers

Personal Planner has the optional bottom page modules on the weekly pages

Personal Planner has daily add-on's at no additional cost (workout, work, weather)

Personal Planner allows you to have personal dates printed in (Birthdays/Anniversaries etc.)

Plum Planner has the option to add-on more months (18 total) | Personal Planner covers 12 months


Which do I prefer? Personal Planner. The customization makes this planner. I now favor the lighter weight and even the slightly smaller size. I just needed to get used to that after using the larger Plum.

While I'd love for it to have monthly tabs, the  Personal Planner options really are the best. When it comes time to purchase a new planner next year, I'll feel like I am getting my moneys worth with all the options offered and included extras with the Personal Planner.

Don't get me wrong, this is totally a personal preference. Plum is a great planner too. Some may prefer the heavier, more sturdy feel with the thicker rings over all the other options. I'm just a huge fan of my weekly pages looking how I want, since that's what really gets used multiple times a day.

Also, it's just fun. Having your planner be one of a kind, designing your cover and all that. You even get to pick a little opening message. Mine has a spiel about "calling my owner if found" but I've seen others put quotes to live by or poems in theirs. It really is apparent the care and thought that went into creating these.

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  1. Oooo I have been looking for a perfect planner for a while! I would love to customize my own Personal Planner to try!


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