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Our Little Loves got a makeover!

I'd been wanting to make some changes around here for a while now. Mainly to make the page more "mobile friendly". The task seemed so daunting.

I finally decided to go all in and change everything up. Allison over at GreenTangerineDesigns on Etsy has been beyond amazing at getting everything set up and ironing out any kinks. I highly recommend her to anyone in the market for a new design. 

You may have also noticed the new URL. Don't worry, old pins and feeds re-direct to this new one. Once upon a time this little spot was "Finley's Corner". Didn't think that one through. After some re-vamping and a name change when we went from one little love to two, the old domain had to go. Now they match again. 

One thing I love about this new design is the highlighted categories in the sidebar. I had them before but they were a smaller font and kind of blended in. I also went through and optimized my categories. Go check out the "Our Home" one. It's neat to see how all the rooms in the new house have come along and to have those posts in one feed. 

And since it was a busy one and I didn't do an official recap - some weekend shots to make up for it. 

What do you think of the new design? I'm kind of loving the spots and the not so soft look.


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  1. Love the change! And the menu bar along the top is really nice!


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