More "Photography" Playing Around

I'm using that quoted word in the title loosely, y'all.

Where have I been? It's only been six days. Seems longer. Well, remember how I'd mentioned learning to use my DSLR several times? I've really gotten into it lately.

Right now I'm currently in the process of taking an online Lightroom class. Next up is Photoshop. They're both about 5 1/2 hours each. I fit a little in here and there whenever I can. Hence the slight absence here. 

The classes for anyone interested. I'm in no way affiliated with them. Just super happy with the videos.

We also got a night out with friends this weekend which was so much fun. Finley called Grandma to see if she could spend the night and Grandma asked for the two for one deal. Uh, no problem.

Here are a few of my recent pictures. Nothing pro yet but I'm happy with them for the short time that I've been playing around with all this. 

I've found something that I really enjoy learning about and that's super exciting. 

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