How To Make Workouts Happen With Kids

I've been on it with my fitness lately. I'll fully admit, making it happen isn't the easiest. Keeping active is important not only for our physical health, but mental as well. It balances everything out.

Life is busy. We all have endless demands on us. Crazy schedules, spouses with crazy schedules. The responsibilities of parenting. It's easy to make all that an excuse. I've done it.

I've been making it happen on a regular basis, and it feels great. I'm in an online fitness group with other moms and we often talk about how we squeeze in our workouts. Here are some other strategies paired with my own.

  • Early mornings. Bonus to this is that it isn't as hot out. Go out or even pop in a DVD before the kids are up. We are late night people with Joe's job so this one isn't for me but I know a lot of people get their workouts in early in the day.
  • Join a gym or health club that offers childcare.
  • Nap Time. Last year when I completed T25 and some of P90x3, the majority of my workouts were done during nap time. Some ended with a baby crawling around me...but at least they were completed!
  • Take the kids along. Run with them in the stroller. Heck, even power walking with a stroller gives a good burn. I've worn my heart rate monitor to test it. A long brisk walk can burn just as many calories as a run that isn't quite as long. We usually wait until about 45 minutes before sunset so that the Texas heat doesn't kill us. 
  • Meal time, independent play time etc. When I'm really itching for a workout I'll squeeze in a quick one while the kids are content in the playroom or right after I've served them lunch (the informal dining area is open to the living room so I'm still right there with them). This one isn't as common here, but it's happened, usually with a DVD. 
  • Wait until after bedtime. I do this most of the time. Just don't sit down after the kids are in bed. Keep moving if you plan on working out -I have to or I'll get too tired. On nights that Joe gets home at a reasonable time, I run. I've also started doing DVD's again. Most recently The 21 Day Fix. DVD's are great because I don't have to wait for Joe to be here. I can jump straight into it right after I get the kids down.

How do you squeeze in your workouts? What are your current routines? Or is it something that you'd like to work on?


  1. Hehe great tips here!
    I workout daily and shortly we'll want a kid so these tips are really helpful!

    Betty | Inspiremeand

  2. You are awesome!! Cute tennies, too :)


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