Favorite Skincare Products

A few of you suggested I do a post with my favorite products.

I've been a Licensed Esthetician for nine years now. Gosh that makes me feel old. I've gone through my fair share of product lines both at the spa on clients and at home for my own personal use. 

My all time favorites. (in no particular order)

Sunscreen and Moisturizer combined. I've always loved CeraVe moisturizers. My dermatologist recommended the brand to me years ago for my eczema. Everyone should be using sunscreen. Daily. Even during the winter and when it's not sunny. This product goes on nicely and does the job at a price that won't break the bank. If you buy anything after reading this post, buy this. Daily sunscreen use is so important. Your seventy year old self will thank you. 

For a splurge cleanser this is amazing. I've never noticed an actual change in my skin from using a cleanser. Except with this stuff. We haven't sold Dermalogica at the spa in years but this has remained my all time favorite. I've linked the professional size because it's a great deal. This contains lactic acid. It really does smooth the texture of your skin by speeding up cell turnover. Great stuff. In my opinion, it's fine for all skin types except very sensitive. It' a milky consistency and cleans well.

Gentle, cheap and does the job. This is recommended by many dermatologists. It's my low priced go-to cleanser. Joe and I use the gentle formula. The one for normal to oily skin can be drying even on semi-oily skin. I'd only choose that one if you're very oily.

I'm really not brand picky with this stuff. Everyone should be using it. Just be sure the one you choose is pure and doesn't contain alcohol.  (My linked post explains it in more detail)

For years my top choice exfoliant remained the same. I recommended it to everyone. Then I found this. It takes a lot for me to love an exfoliant. I'm picky. Exfoliants are super important. Not enough people use them. If you aren't exfoliating your skin, it isn't at it's optimal health, doesn't look as healthy as it could and you are wasting whatever products you're using on it. This isn't your ten grain of crystal frou frou scrub. It works. It has lots of small crystals (a sandy consistency). It lightens and brightens. It's not for sensitive skin. You really only need to use it two times a week at most, so it lasts a while.

This is a prescription in the US. It works wonders if used correctly. I can't tell you how many clients I've had who were prescribed retinol at one point and quit because "their skin reacted horribly". It's going to flake at first. It will likely be a little sensitive or irritated. That's what it does. It greatly speeds up cell turnover. Your skin eventually gets used to it and loses all those built up cells. It amazes me that some dermatologists will prescribe this without really explaining it. It's great stuff and it works really well, but not immediately. It takes time. I debated posting this since it is a prescription *in the US*, but it's one of my key products so I couldn't not share it. With any medicine, be sure you know the contraindications with using this and how to use it correctly.

Have you tried any of my favorites or are you interested in any now?

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  1. I definitely should be exfoliating more. I use an Aveeno exfoliator and I really like it! Thanks for the recommendations


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