Carson Is Two!

I can't even begin to express how much I love looking at this little face. His smile. His voice. The way he says "thank you, mama" and "bless yew, mama". Anything "mama", really. He turned two last weekend.

I'd always imagined having a daughter. Don't get me wrong; I wanted a boy, but I wasn't ever able to envision what that would be like. I guess because being a girl myself, and having a good relationship with my mom, I could imagine what things would be like with my own daughter. But this boy.

He's so special. Maybe I'm biased - but really, he is. His daddy and grandmas all agree; so it totally must be true. He is the sweetest little thing. I always wanted a cuddler...and that's him. He could be in the middle of running and playing, but then stops by me for a little drive by kiss. He plays with mine and Finley's hair, but super gently. His facial expressions are the best. His little sayings. I eat him up and can't get enough. Except for his loud pitched screaming. I'll pass on that.

But really though. He's the best. And he's two. No longer one. One is still a baby. Two? Toddler. Slow down, time. 


  1. He is precious! Happy second birthday Carson!

  2. he is the CUTEST!!! looks like a great birthday!

  3. Happy second birthday, sweet boy! He is so cute!!


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