Baby/Toddler Company Rave!

This is a very out of the norm post for me, and it's absolutely NOT sponsored. I wanted to share a product and company who are doing it right!

Let me start from the beginning. About a month ago I purchased an organic cotton toddler pillow for little man. He was so excited to start using his very own pillow. The pillows are made just right for little necks. Not too fluffy or flat. They are chiropractor recommended. 

When it came time to wash the pillow, it came apart in the wash. I revised my 5-star Amazon review.

The very next morning my phone rang. It was the owner of the pillow company! He wanted to first apologize and then to let me know that a brand new pillow was already on it's way and that I had been refunded! 

I got to talking to the owner for a bit. You see, the company is family owned. Mom and Pop. Him and his wife have two children of their own (a newborn at that!). Quality and customer satisfaction is everything to them. 

Turns out the pillow we got was from their very first batch of the organic line. Their manufacturer (also a small family company based in the US) had a sewing flaw, but just with that batch. It has since been fixed. They even tweaked the pillows to make them even better than before.

After more chatting and being blown away by their service, I asked what else they offer. Dreamtown kids has even more great products in the works. One being pillowcases for the pillow I purchased. We'll definitely be purchasing one.

This company is so passionate about offering organic, responsibly made baby and kids items at afordable prices. They are also working on selling organic crib mattress covers in the future. 

So, if you have your own baby or toddler and are interested in responsibly made organic products while supporting a wonderful small business, check out Dreamtown Kids. They obviously made an impression on me!


  1. I haven't gotten Harper a pillow because she is mostly a tummy sleeper but I need to think about this for her (eventual) big girl bed. Thanks for the recc!

  2. That's great to know! Quinn is currently sleeping on a regular adult pillow. It definitely isn't ideal given her tiny frame. I worry about her neck for sure. She does see a chiropractor regularly fortunately. I would have bought two of these pillows this morning after reading your review, but unfortunately, they are $60 on the Canadian site (vs. $20 on the US site) and don't offer Prime shipping, so they charge another $20 to ship to Canada! Hopefully I can find something similar in Canada.

    1. Oh no. I wonder if they'd make other arrangements if you contacted them. They're pretty great.


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