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I've been using the Fitbit for about a month now. Truth be told, the idea of using one never really appealed to me. I didn't "get it". Steps aren't fitness. How is counting them going to help anything?

So how did I end up using this thing? It was one of Joe's Christmas gifts from my Mom. He seemed to show a little interest on Black Friday. I passed along the info. He never even used it! Like, ever. It sat there.

I considered picking it up once or twice but never did. Then, last month I made the decision to jump back on with my fitness. Enter the neglected (and still brand new!) Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge

Many experts believe we should strive to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. There have been numerous studies showing various health benefits of doing so. That's where this handy little device comes in. It gives me that extra push to get up and move. Seeing those 8,256 steps and nearing the end of the day motivates me to go for a walk, or maybe pop in that DVD. Gotta hit 10k. 

The version I use is the Charge. They also make one now that monitors your heart rate (accurately too, I hear!). It's called the Charge HR. I use a Polar HRM when I jog or workout so I don't really need this feature. I totally would have wanted the HR version if I didn't already have my Polar. 

You install the app on your phone (or access the dashboard on your computer). The device sync's up with the app using bluetooth. Through the app you're able to network with other people you know who also use a Fitbit. There are even fitness groups that one can join. 

Then, there's the the challenges. Those are my favorite. After hearing about these, Joe wanted his Fitbit back. So we ordered him one too!

The challenges are basically step competitions with your "Fitbit friends". You can create one on your own or be invited by a friend. There are enough spots for ten people. Challenges run either one day, over the weekend, or a full week - Monday to Friday. They can get pretty fierce. I kid. Kind of. But seriously, you've been neck and neck with the same person all day. You get that little alert "you're only 853 steps behind Susie Q". You go for a jog. Or pace in your bedroom while sipping wine and watching Orange is the New Black. Same difference. Hey, you're moving! Susie Q is already in bed. No more steps for her. You WIN. But really, this is a legit thought process of a Fitbit user. Like right now, my steps are kind of low. I've been on the computer. Gotta hit 10k. I'll need a long'ish jog tonight. 

It helps. And that's why I'm a fan. Sure, it's counting steps, but it's also pushing me to take a lot more of them...


  1. I've been wanting the FitBit for a while and now I want it even more!!

  2. I have the FitBit Flex myself and love it. It really does make your day fun and add some motivation to walk more!

  3. I'm the same as you in that I've been someone who didn't understand the whole fit bit craze. Now that I'm wanting to make healthier choices, the idea of one is enticing :)

  4. I've been intrigued by the fitbit for a while now. I may have to get one soon!

  5. My mom bought my grandma a fitbit and she only wore it for a month. I'm getting it in a few days to see how I like it. I've worn a clip-on pedometer for about 2 years, and am tired of having to choose outfit based on whether or not my pedometer would stay on it.

  6. This made me laugh because my entire family got them last Christmas and most of them are still in the box. This post makes me want to get mine back out!

  7. While perusing peony and deciding which blogs to read, I thought, OOOOO FITBIT! So here I am! I have a fitbit and I love it! I got mine for Christmas as well but it is a fitbit flex. I want to update to the charge HR but am waiting for it to be gifted to me lol. Thanks for sharing :)


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