Two & Four Year Old {Family Pictures}

Quick run by post today.

Nap time is nearing it's end. Finley is spending the night at grandma's house tonight. I know she'll want to get ready to head there as soon as her eyes open. Carson turns TWO tomorrow! I've got some last minute errands to run for wrapping paper and a few things to buy to make his day special. I couldn't wait to share these though. 

There are quite a few. I had such a hard time narrowing them down. Deana, our amazing photographer sent me over sixty pictures! I left the session thinking we *might* get a few. The kids were over the picture taking fairly soon into the session. I was shocked to get so many back considering we only spent about 40 minutes taking pictures and a good chunk of time walking from place to place at this abandoned school. 

Side note : Joe went to elementary school here. Pretty cool. 

He did that all on his own. Hot mess.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. beautiful!! amazing photos- they are both so cute! have a great weekend

  2. I love that you took these at your husband's old elementary school! I bet he had many memories there. The last picture has me cracking up! So cute!

  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!!


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