Shoot My Chef

We recently participated in a super fun local (and eventually national!) project. Most all the top chefs in town get "shot" so it was really cool for Joe to be included!

"A project showcasing the lives of chefs away from the restaurant life. Who they like to spend time with, what they like to cook on their time off, what their kitchens at home look like, the content of their fridge, and even what type utensils and cutlery pieces they own and use."

This is Chris. He's going to be joining Joe at the restaurant soon! He's also Joe's best friend and was the best man in our wedding. Him and Joe not only graduated from high school together, but also culinary school. They even had their first fine dining job together. Chris recently left his prior position to be able to team up with Joe again.  He also "got shot" several months ago. Joe wasn't able to stop by since that was moving day for us, but luckily Chris was able to come hang out for Joe's shoot.

Yes, it does look great. Any yes, it was ;)

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  1. That is so cool!! Does this get published somewhere or is it aired?

  2. What a fun project! Any chance he'd share his pasta dough recipe? Those raviolis look delicious!

  3. What awesome family pictures!!!! Now I'm hungry hehe


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