Oh Hey

Hey, hey. I'm still here!

I'll just jump right in and do some catching up. I've been working on that ol' to-do list. Mainly picture stuff. I can't be the only one swimming in this printing business? I used to be on it. I would print every.single.picture of Finley. Then there were two. I fell off. I vowed to at least print them all for Carson's first year. And I got about that far. I'm now over a year behind, for both kids. 

I'm getting there, little by little. I just finished out 2013 for Finley's loose prints (I slide them in albums). For 2014, she'll get a photo book of highlights. Same for Carson. I'll do lots of prints for him until he's 2ish and then start narrowing prints into books. See, there's a plan. I do keep everything on an eternal drive as well. Hard copies are still really important to me, even if making that happen eats up a ton of time. 

I've also decided to start learning this DSLR I've had for ohhhhh...six months now. Yeah, I say that all the time. I joined Clickin Moms and have been lurking and reading here and there. That's a start. It's a paid membership so it gives me some accountability. I've also been playing with the camera a little. Don't be too harsh on me. I really don't have a clue as to what I'm doing just yet. For these I mainly just played around with aperture and angles. There's so much to learn.

How could I forget? We added a new member to the family. Meet Jenny. 

She is the sweetest little thing and all the hype in our house these days. Pretty sure we hold her about four times a day at this point. Her name actually came from Finley messing up and calling her "my jenny pig". So it stuck. 

There was originally going to be more to this post but that'll have to come soon. We had an exciting weekend with something sort of work related for Joe. I'll be sharing that soon. Carson is up from his nap now. Both kids are at the tail end of a nasty tummy bug so it's time for me to go back to being nurse mommy!


  1. Your photos are really good! I love the painting ones where their faces are in focus and the background (and foreground) is blurry. Also, congrats on your new family member!

  2. Hi April:) I regularly stop by your blog and I am in the same boat as you! I have a 3 year old daughter and a 4 month old daughter. I am SO behind on printing all of their pictures, how do you go about it and do you have a favorite place to print at? Just want to see if there is a faster way to get it all done. Oh and I also purchased a DSLR and I am so intimidated by it! Lol! I might check out Clickin Moms as well! Thanks:)

    1. Hurry! Clickin moms is having a 40 percent off membership special right now! Great deal.

      I actually print all of our prints at York photo. They often run pretty good deals. Either half off or free shipping. The prints are about 4 cents a piece with the half off promo. Now that I am going to move on to photo books for F aND narrow the pictures down a little, I need to find a place I love for that. I have tried designing with Shutterfly but it really isn't what I'm looking for. Since I want to put so many pictures in one book I really don't want something super structured to where the page background has to coordinate with the pictures/sayings on that page. More so just a pretty background that will go with anything. Their books are more structured and I don't want to get that in detail if I'm putting hundreds of pictures in one book.

      You know?

      I need to try put a few more different ones.

    2. Blurb. I was trying to remember it. I had a friend recommend that site recently so I wanted to come back and share.

      I've been meaning to go check it out.

      Also, please excuse my messy quick cell phone reply above ;)


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