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It's been a while since I've thrown out some randoms.

- I lack rhythm. Seriously. Give me a few drinks and I'll attempt to dance, but it's really not that pretty. 

-I'm a Pescatarian. I don't eat meat, but I do eat seafood. Basically no land or winged meat. It's been about ten years now. I've actually mentioned this in my about me section. 


-My best friend and I drove matching cars in high school. It was planned. We also matched our clothing occasionally. She's still my best friend, fifteen years later. I wish I could find an actual picture of us with our cars. N-e-r-d-s. 

This is just a picture I found of the same year, make and model, not my actual car.

-I grew up in a bar. Quite literally. My parents (and grandparents) were Elks. It's a place still close to my heart where many of my best memories stem from. We still go back and visit occasionally whenever make the trip to my hometown. I was able to bring Joe and both kids (for Kentucky derby day) the last time we were in town. It was really neat showing them the place and seeing people who knew me when I was the same age they are now!

-I loved scary movies as a kid/teen. Not anymore. I actually avoid them and prefer funny or feel good choices now. This world is stressful enough!

Oh you know, just some of my old favorites...

-My birthday is on 4/20. This date means nothing to me besides it being my birthday. Growing up though, I always heard how "cool" my birth-date was. Right...

That's all for now. Happy weekend!

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