Weekend Recap

Our weekend recaps come late. I've mentioned before that we aren't normal weekend people due to Joe's work schedule. Lots of Saturdays are just like any other weekday in our house, unless we've been invited somewhere or if we decide to go visit my mom. Our family days this past "weekend" were Sunday and Tuesday.

We spent Sunday at my Mother In Law's house. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and Finley even learned a new dance courtesy of our thirteen year old niece. It's called The Whip. YouTube it. She clearly has my wonderful rhythm (sorry baby), but it's adorable watching her dance with her cousins.

We also started to discuss some of the planning details for our family Disney trip next year. All thirteen of us will be going (us, along with Joe's mom, brother and his wife, sister, and all seven kids). I cannot wait. We took Finley last year but this will be the first time for Carson and the rest of the kids. Super exciting stuff.

On Tuesday, we headed to lunch followed by the Children's Museum. 

We were exhausted after the museum. After some rest at home, I headed to the grocery store alone and came home and made dinner. Then, we did all our night time routine stuff. Finally, Joe and I sat down to relax and watch some TV. 

At around 11:30 we heard a loud bang come from upstairs followed by a scream. I knew right away that Finley had fallen from her bed. We shot up those stairs so fast. Poor baby was so upset. Their rooms have hard floors. I bet it was so shocking to her. She has a little bruise on her cheek an an ugly one on her knee :( So of course, she got to sleep with us last night. 

 I really don't get what happened. She's never fallen from her bed before! I even moved her to the middle of the bed when I left her room at bedtime because she fell asleep close to the edge. I guess she worked her way back over there. Hopefully it was just a fluke. Pillows on the floor next to her bed are sounding like a good idea now.



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  2. Yikes! I hope she's ok and not too scared going to bed after that!

  3. Poor kid :( I hope she was ok! Does she have one of those bed rails?

    It sounds like you guys had a great weekend. They just opened a brand new Children's Museum here - your post reminds me that we need to go check it out!

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