That One Time When You Thought Newborn & Two Sounded Scary

Silly you.Yeah. Nothing on (almost) two and (barely) four. 

Bedtime an hour early. Yep, Bubbly poured immediately after. You bet ya'. 

Give me a second. *Deep breath* Ok. Now, it's not like this every day. But lots of them it is. Newborns sleep a LOT. Finley was barely two when Carson was born. She was just starting to get some of her sass but hadn't hit "threenager" yet. Don't get me wrong. These kids are great and they sleep well. But kids are kids. They're busy, curious, talkative, emotional, messy, and.......exhausting. 

Carson, my sweet baby, is nearing two. Up until now my perfect angel boy could do no wrong. But now he screams. A lot. At everything. Loud, piercing screeches. Everything is "NO!". His favorite word. He's also still nursing and quite fond of it. How dare I not let him nurse fifteen times a day?

Finley is changing. She's still hanging on to the "threenager" stuff. She's very emotional. I have to watch her do everything. Like when she goes potty. Or when she walks down the stairs. Walk down faster than her? You better not. "Mommy, look at my face!" It sounds cute, but not when it involves every.single.thing. Four is bringing on big kid stuff. Lots of questions, defiance and testing me. She's really smart. I know. All the moms say that. But she is. Today, in a fitting room, she hung up a shirt for me. "Great job, honey. Thank you". "You're welcome, Mommy. It's because I'm an expert". Who is this kid?

Then there's the fighting. They hit each other, despite my best efforts. Especially her. So of course he has moments when she isn't even allowed to even look at him. Heaven forbid she touch the cart or stroller he's in. That's grounds for extra loud screaming. 

Don't let that fool you though. They'll still collaborate. Like when they decide to climb on the table together, jump on the bed, race wildly around the house or "re-decorate" all my stuff. They do love each other. They're pretty opposite which I think will benefit their relationship in the long run. 

This afternoon in the grocery store checkout line, the woman in front of us said the normal, "enjoy every moment". Her daughter is sixteen. She commented that Finley will walk up the stairs one night looking the way she does now and then in the blink of an eye she'll walk down and be sixteen. I know this. She's four already...and I just had her. I think she saw it in my eyes though. "I know you must be so busy with the both of them". I sure did tell that stranger that it had been a day.

"The days are long but the years are short"

Here's to more bubby and tomorrow being another day!


  1. I hear ya x10000. My threenager turned 4 this week but is still a threenager and my almost-2 is a screamer too. Some days, bedtime can't get here fast enough!

  2. Four and two are not easy! Hang in there, you got this :)

  3. Definitely hang in there! Like you said, the days are long but the years are short. That statement holds so much truth. My baby just turned five and I have no clue how that happened ;)


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