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I still have the spring shopping bug. Plus, I had some left over birthday money to burn. Here's some of my recent purchases.

This bag took me a while to decide on. It was a belated Mother's Day order. I went back and forth between this one and three others (a Tory Burch and two different Kate Spades). I actually went to the store to purchase a different bag but then changed my mind after seeing how nice this one was in person. The size really is perfect. It's not too big but definitely not small. Ironically, it's the smallest version of this bag.

(worn below for size reference.)

Top - Sold out online.
This was purchased the same day as the others below (a few days ago) and there were still plenty in store. 

No, I'm not trying to be sultry here with this wall holding pose. I had a kid break my full length mirror so I'm standing on my toes to show the length of this dress and needed some support. I actually went on a hunt looking for this in my size at two different Old Navy locations after seeing it on another blog. I wanted to be sure the fit was right. I really like the length, fit and that it's pretty versatile for different occasions. It can be dressed down with sandals or up with wedges. Go look in store. The first store had it on clearance for $14.99 and the other for $16.99. I used a coupon code on top of that!

Top | Yoga Crops
I actually found this top on clearance in store for $5.99. Score! I'm going to keep my eye out for more when I go back. They also had great deals on sports bras but most of those were size XS.

I'd heard great things about these yoga crops from various people. They really are nice. I like them just as much, in not more (if they don't pill up. So far, so good.) than my crops from Lulu lemon, which DO pill. The fit is almost exactly like the Lulu's. They are a tad more stretchy.

Tank | Tank
I haven't been doing a ton of shopping for the kids lately since most of their summer clothes come from Birthday's. Finley got too much to even post for hers (she grew a lot and was really due for more). Carson's is at the end of next month. I have been snagging up a few tees here and there to tie him over though. 

Tory Burch Mini Miller Jelly Sandals
I like these enough but I don't know if I'd buy them again. They're a little slippery so they tend to slide off. I don't dislike them though. Shop around if you decide to purchase these. At the time I ordered, Bloomingdale's had them for a great price with free shipping if you signed up to become a Loyallist. These only come in full sizes. I'm normally an 6 1/2 and the 7's fit great. 

Both of these are regular products for me. I just needed to re-stock. If you darken or define your brows, I highly recommend this product. The "fling" color is a perfect light brown. 

I've already posted about my planner. This is the new phone case that *kind of* matches said planner. I found it on ebay. It's the little things.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that Kate Spade purses! They are so versatile and cute. Hope no one got hurt in the mirror breaking incident! Haha

  2. GAH! I've been eyeing the same style of Kate Spade for a while now. All in good time. That white dress is adorable too!

  3. I love the Kate Spade bag! Great purchase!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  4. Love that bag! And those tanks. Mason is wearing lots of tanks this summer. He calls them his muscle shirts.

  5. LOVE the planner! And the workout gear - I just got a bunch of stuff at Old Navy to kick off my summer season, can't go wrong!!


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