Weekend Recap and a Scare

Our weekends really don't end on Sunday. Joe's days off are Sunday and Monday. So this post comes a little late. 

On Saturday morning we had our first dress rehearsal for Finley's recital as well as a parent meeting.


Then we headed over to my moms house. Her best friend and her little girl, Chloe, were over there. Chloe and Finley are close in age and are good friends. The kids played outside pretty much all day long. 

Carson and I headed in for a nap later in the afternoon. Upon waking from our nap my Mom comes in a informs me that Finley and Chloe fell off her horse. Wait, what?!? Yes...fell.off. A.horse. My baby. My not even four year old. A horse! She was right in front of me and seemed fine. 

I asked for more info and apparently my mom and her friend had both girls on Easy (mom's horse) in the stall, just sitting there. Not moving. Mom looks away for a second thinking Tyra is watching. Tyra looks away thinking Mom is watching. Both look back to see the girls falling! ::My heart is pounding just typing this:: Gahhhh. Thankfully both girls were not hurt and fell on soft sand (not even a mark on either, amazingly), although shaken up. 

Then my Momma fear kicks in. First thought - concussion. Check her eyes. Fine. She said her head didn't hurt aside from a little soreness on the back where she bumped it. "Just a little bit", but no headache. I asked if she vomited or passed out when it happened. No. She was able to tell me the whole story of what happened. Memory good. I consulted with some of my nurse friends and they pretty much confirmed what I thought. Just to watch her for anything seeming off. I'm sure I was on that poor kids nerve asking her how she felt every hour on the hour for almost two days straight. She slept in our room for two nights. Normally I over react. I do. That's my nature....but, a horse. They fell off a horse. I'm so so thankful that both girls are ok! Phew! How's that for some weekend action?

The queen bee getting to sleep with Momma and Daddy.

Sunday was much more relaxed. Joe was off and we went to our nephews baseball game. Afterwards we went out for an early dinner with the family.

On Monday (also a kind of weekend day for us, since Joe is home) we ran some of errands, grocery shopped and relaxed at home. I've had a cold all week and can't seem to kick it. Even today we were on the go. Tomorrow is going to be spent mostly at home. We need a home day. 

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  1. Kids are made of rubber I think! I used to ride and fell off ALL the time. Glad to hear she's ok


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