Wednesday Randoms?

Six days since I last posted. How about some randoms to catch up?

First. I'm kicking a three week long cold. Yes. Three weeks. Just two nights ago I was able to sleep without coughing, but my throat still hurts a little. To top it off, that first night I actually slept was followed by a two day long headache. Just trying to catch a break in the wellness department here.

Next, We've been struggling with the (almost) four year old who suddenly has an obsession with wanting to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed. Ever since the falling off the horse thing a couple of weeks ago and me letting her sleep with us for two nights. Naps, bedtime..."can I sleep in mommy and daddy's bed, pleeeeeeease?". And she's persistent. And it's hard to say no. But we're trying. I love her sleeping with us here and there, I'll admit, but it's becoming a habit (and all she wants now) and that's not good. So this is our current struggle. Fighting with an almost four year old, at 9:30 at night, after a full day is just....exhausting. I'm no pushover, y'all. But being worn out is a real thing. 

Also, yesterday was my Dad's birthday. He would have been 70. Normally when we go by the cemetery the kids stay in the car and watch from the window while I put out flowers (his plot is only feet from the street). This time they got Grandpa a balloon for his birthday and got out to give it to him. They sang Happy Birthday and Finley said she wanted to see Grandpa but then accepted that he could see her from Heaven and that he was really happy about his balloon . "From the sky?" she said. When we walked away to leave they both waved bye bye and Finley told grandpa she loves him. 

I've struggled with saying the right things for her to understand. Small kids have their close circle. My dad is still very much a part of hers and it's just crazy how well she seems to grasp things.

Then, there's this. 

Yeah, I freaked out. As I was getting this boy dressed a few days ago I noticed his hand really swollen. My mind went wild. It looked worse in person. I frantically called the doctor and rushed him in fearing that his airways would soon swell shut. For real. Anyways, $50 co-pay later and it was probably an ant or a mosquito. He normally swells pretty badly from bites and we are aware of this. Apparently though, bites to the hand (and face) swell up worse due to more blood flow. Now we know :/ It wasn't a killer spider or a scorpion after all... 

Today little man got a haircut. This was his fourth. We went with something new. I'm really loving it. I think he likes it too. He is so funny during his haircuts. He doesn't make a noise or move. Just looks intently in the mirror. It's pretty darn cute. 

That's all for today. Nap time has come to an end. I have a few more things to catch up on but I'll save those for the next couple of days. 

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  1. I love his haircut! So adorable. And glad to hear that the swelling wasn't anything serious.


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