The Little Things

Today was a Target day. Like many days are. Stay at home mom life and all...

I don't normally share these days. Because, well, while they make my little heart smile...they aren't exactly the most interesting blog worthy material. Except today. Today was a little bit special. 

To start out, I tried the new s'mores frapp. My expectations were low. I'm a Caramel girl. But I gave in to the hype and oh.my.goodness. Get this, y'all. Seriously. 

Next, them. Look at that goof up there looking super fly.

They don't always make every shopping trip the most pleasant but today they were on their best behavior and were super sweet the whole time. 

That dog. A mandatory stop every time...

Now for the best part of the day. I hit the planner lottery. I haven't shared this here but I'm on a planner kick. My Plum Planner is en-route to me and is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. This may or may not have been our third different Target run (different locations) within the past week. The other dollar spots were cleaned out...but not this one. Score. Those page flags are apparently super coveted right now in the planner world (or so IG tells me) so I just needed to snatch those babies up. For what? No idea. Ha!

 More to come on the planner loot after the other stuff arrives. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy Mothers Day! Mine will be low key. Joe works and the kids and I will be spending the day at my mom's house. I'm going to cook over there. 
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  1. I could totally put those dollar spot finds to good use. The flags are so cute!! Hope you had a great Mother's Day :)

  2. I had the same kind of day yesterday! Target and Starbucks. I haven’t had coffee since January, but everyone has been ranting and raving over the S’mores frapp and I was curious! Oh my goodness it was amazing. I especially loved the marshmallow flavored whip cream! Cute picture of the kids in the basket. Love it!! I’m jealous of the planner goods you got! Our target is tiny and always cleaned out. Hope your Mother’s Day was amazing!!


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