My New Plum Paper Planner | A Look Inside

My planner arrived! I'm more excited about this thing than I should be. There are a sea of planner posts in blog land. I know this. I wasn't able to find one with this particular planner cover yet, though. It's a new'ish design. 

They don't have names but this design is described as "watercolor" on their Facebook page. I held off on ordering for a few days when I learned that Plum would be coming out with new laminated month divider pages. Here are the colors for each month. The weekly pages coordinate with the dividers. 

So why Plum over Erin Condren. This is really a personal preference. Both are great.

1. It's currently May. Plum lets you start with any month. EC does not. They do offer a discount for for getting your planner late but I just couldn't see playing almost the same price to have four months less of use. 

2. I like the Plum layout better. They have four different options to choose from for your weekly layout. I choose option three. My day is not divided or split up. I prefer it that way. With the EC planner, days are divided into morning, afternoon and evening. My schedule isn't that set. Our days are fluid. If I put something on my list, it will get done when I have a chance to do it. I don't really set specific times. This was the main reason I went with Plum. 

Some other views inside.

There are two "Notes" pages included in each month. I added on two additional.

This pocket is included in the back and is double sided. 

I added a monthly cleaning sheet to the back of each month. This does not come standard with the planner, but their add on's are super cheap. 

These sticker strips are also add on's. I want to say my three add on's ranged in price from $1.50 to $2.00 each. 

I found a coupon code online for 10% off my planner purchase. They're floating around everywhere so be sure to use one if you decide to get one of your own. I'd like to mention that I was not compensated for this post. My planner was purchased by me. I am in no way affiliated with PPP. I'm just a happy customer sharing planner excitement.

So far the planner use is going great. I keep it easily accessible - open on the kitchen counter. I'm still waiting on all my pretty stickers to arrive. Esty has all sorts of stickers for pretty much everything you can imagine. I have a snap in (erasable) meal planning chart/grocery list on the way as well as various stickers for things we do on a regular basis. That'll pretty things up ;) Maybe I'll share when they all come in. 

I'd been wanting to order a snazzy planner for a while now and am glad I finally did! So long note sheets everywhere, messy chalk board and old undeleted phone notes. 



  1. I love it!! I had a Plum Planner last year when everyone on my local board was going with EC. I like Plum better. I didn't even know about the sticker add ons! I have a cheapo planner this year but I will probably go back to Plum next year!

  2. That's a good planner and it's super cute! I love the month view of my calendar so I can see way in advance

  3. Nice! I've been looking at different planners, and this might be the best option for me since I'm starting late.

  4. planners are my faveeee! I feel so cool when I get to get mine out to schedule something haha this one looks amazing! so many spots for everything you need :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. I recently discovered PPP and I'm in love. Although I'm torn between a regular planner or a family one. I like the idea of designated spots for each family member, do I really need to? Decisions, decisions.


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