Do You Have A Hobby?

I feel like my interests change change fairly often. Before the new house whirlwind, I had really thrown myself into crafting. I also spent a good amount of time blogging - almost daily. Before we had two kids, I did tons of reading. I really miss reading. At the change of the seasons (mainly spring and fall), I get the urge to shop and focus any extra time on that. Lately though, it's been all about the new house. 

 I need a break from that. I'm good with how things have come along. Eventually we'll paint the kitchen and laundry room but that can wait. There are a few little touches I want to add, but nothing that needs to be done *right now*. 

I have things I focus on through life seasons. I guess everyone does. I'd really love to be able to jump into something though. Like photography (I have this snazzy new'ish DSLR that I still need to learn how to really use - one day...soon), or bows (I started making and selling bows when F was a newborn, but..newborn), or pallet crafting.

I learned how to use my sewing machine last year and really enjoyed that. Sewing is hard when the kids are awake though. Once bedtime comes (and after all.the.things are done) I just want to sit down with my phone, the computer, Netflix or Hulu.


Is blogging a hobby? I guess I have that. It definitely takes some time!

At one point I was working out five days a week. I competed T25 and did part of P90X3. I lost 32 pounds! I need to get back to that. It made me feel wonderful, both mentally and physically.

I garden. That's definitely a hobby. I love it. However, this year our garden is lacking. Planting time kind of passed us by while all the house stuff was in full force. I kept meaning to get to it but...yeah. This is our first year in I don't know how long that we don't have an exciting spring garden. We do have some tomato and strawberry plants growing along with a couple different types of basil.

Last years spring garden starting out.

Can kids be a hobby? If so, they're my favorite. As exhausting as this mom gig is, I don't want this season to ever end. It's pretty great. The new things they do, and learn, and say. Finley and I have been doing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We're only a hand full of lessons in and it's so awesome to see her progressing already. She starts preschool in September and I know that's going to be super exciting for us. Carson is highly entertaining and just the sweetest little man. He really just needs to stay a baby though. End of story. 

Do you have any real hobbies or thing you enjoy?
If you're also a mom, do you find it challenging to make time or do you make it a point? 


  1. I recently started blogging and you're right. It takes up a lot of time. So that's definitely a hobby! I'd like to get better at gardening too but I think I need a mentor in that field. I don't know where to start!

  2. My hobbies definitely change depending on the season of life. When things are crazy busy with family things I hardly get to craft, I feel like summer is more of my craft season & winter is my creative season of planning.


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