Baby Alive Food and Diaper DIY

Baby Alive on the cheap. No way was I going to buy food and disposable diapers for a doll. No no no. Four mouths (plus two dogs) is enough, thank you.

Before purchasing Baby Alive I looked in to other options for when the supplies she came with ran out. Those little packets of food and mini diapers are not cheap.

I know Baby Alive isn't everyone's cup of tea. Something about a pooping and peeing doll being gross. I loved my eating and pottying doll as a kid and thought Finley might too. Yep, favorite toy by far. Over every other toy at this point. Baby Alive keeps her occupied for long periods of time when other toys may last a whole five minutes. 

The recipe. Super simple:
Baking soda + food coloring. I alternate between yellow and green. I used about five or six drops of coloring for that whole container. A little goes a long way. The drops bead up once they hit the baking soda so you have to break it apart with the back of a spoon. Then cover it up and shake shake shake. Once we're ready to use, I just put some in her bowl and add in a *tiny* amount of water. Only several drops at a time. It's really easy to add too much water.

Now, the diapers:
You didn't think I made those, did you? I suppose I could. But that seems like a lot of work for a sewing novice like me. Etsy. They're around three of four dollars each. We have two in rotation. I need to buy another. I feel like three is a good amount if your child plays with the doll daily. Money well spent. I can't tell you how many times these things have been washed and re-used. 

If you child doesn't have a Baby Alive yet but you're intrigued now, Finley got hers for Christmas. She was just over three and a half at the time. I feel like that was the perfect age for us (and probably the earliest). She loves it still at four and will probably continue to for a long while.


  1. So thrifty! Way better than buying the ones they suggest and I bet she loves them just the same.


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