Spring Shopping

Spring gives me the shopping bug. I was on a mission yesterday. That's when you never really find anything. I did ok though. 

I put the kids to bed early and called Joe to pick up some bubbly on his way home from work. That's really how shopping went. Hours of shopping...with a one and almost four year old. Super fun. 

Now, don't think I'm getting all fashion bloggerish on y'all. These were all going to be store website photos but I couldn't find them all online...so you get me in a couple. Obviously very fancy photos.

This is an Xhilaration romper from Target.

Mossimo from Target.

The rest of these are clicky.

This is the "Drapey Tee". The reviews raved about it but they were all sold out online. The store had plenty. It's super comfy and fits really nicely...maybe a little big. I'm normally a small but got these in extra small. Small fit but was a little too loose at the bottom. I purchased black and dark tan. They had quite a few colors in store. I may need more...

I feel like the above and below pictures are bad representations of these shirts. I swear they're cute and fit nicely. I'm going to pair them with colorful shorts. Probably coral or sky blue.

Of course I can't forget the kids. Their birthdays are both just around the corner so I've been trying to curb my shopping for them. They get most of their summer clothing for their birthdays. 

More shopping to come. I feel like I'm not really digging my closet lately and need a little re-vamp. More basic but versatile pieces. Between the few stores we went to yesterday, it just took so long. Dang six items in the fitting room limit. I'm looking at you, Target. (I hate that!). Lugging the kids out after every six items makes me want to put it all back. ::Take note, stores::

Next big shopping outing will be when Joe is home and they can have a day with Daddy. For sure. 

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  1. So cute! You did great! This really makes me want to go shopping.

  2. I love the Target tank in the second picture. I may have to look for it for myself next time I'm there.

  3. I never think to shop for clothing at target, but when I do I'm always amazed at their selection. I am loving that drapey t!


  4. I have the Spring shopping bug, too! Every time I leave the house I see ladies in bright Spring colors and it reminds me of how boring my wardrobe is! I love that romper! Our target never has the cute stuff!


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