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I used to post our weekly meal plan but lately my cooking has been all over the place. We tend to get takeout or go out to eat pretty often. I still do my fair share of cooking though. I always find myself wanting to recommend certain recipes to everyone because they're just so good. So here's my recent compilation of hits in our house. 

Fast, easy and tasty! Maybe half the crushed red pepper measurement if your kids don't like spicy. It has a little kick.

So good. I sub spinach for the chard. 

I've been making this one for about two years now. It's become one of our regular dishes. I alwasy double the veg stock (subbed instead of chicken) and corn starch so that there's more sauce.

This is a really good recipe and is similar to the famous one at Joe's old job.

I don't always do this in the slow cooker. It works just fine on the stove too.


...and since there are five recipes - you guessed it...The Friday Blog Hop's! 

with, Amy & Karli

Happy weekend! I turn the big 3-0 on Monday so this one should be a fun one for us!


  1. these all look amazing- esp. the shrimp creole! thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  2. When I pulled up your blog and saw the one pot meal I thought,, that looks familiar. Now I know why, because I have it bookmarked in my recipes folder. I've made it before and I agree, the red pepper gave it a kick. Made is again and left it out and we actually preferred better that way. What could be easier than this kind of meal. I loved the creamiest of the pasta with the veggies. We paired it with some french bread warmed and a glass of white wine and it was great.

  3. So glad you posted these - I'm in a meal rut! The lemon/garlic shrimp looks amazing!

  4. Ooo definitely trying the martha stewart one and that tortellini soup. They look SO good and easy!

  5. That one pot pasta is so good! And it's so darn easy! That shrimp creole sounds good too

  6. Oh these recipes look so good! Totally book marking this post and coming back another time to make some of these for dinner :) Thanks for sharing!


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