Our Easter

Shame on me. It's Wednesday already. How could I forget to post about our Easter?!


The day was really nice. Joe was off for the first Easter in at least five years. The new restaurant isn't open on Sundays. So, what did we do? Went to the place where we usually spend Easter...his old job. Ha. Except for this time, he got to eat with us, not cook for us. Although, I'm sure they would have loved to have him in the kitchen. Heck, he was in there visiting for a good chunk of the time anyway. 

We were up pretty early because Finley was really excited about the bunny coming. I decided I needed to run to get her a new bow to wear. Yes, last minute bow shopping at 9 am. I also went by the cemetery to put some real flowers on my Dad's grave. 

The kids baskets.

The bunny also left some eggs in the back yard. We discovered them while letting the dogs out, so the kids got to have their own little hunt at the house. Carson is only 20 months old, but he meant business!

Baskets from Grandma!

Bunnies! These bunnies come from the same place every year and they are SO friendly. I grew up with rabbits as pets and get tempted every year when we see these. They're special breed bunnies and the lady sells them. I see a bunny in our future. It's on once one of these kids asks for one. 

That face. The bunny had just entered the room and he was watching closely.

Our meal was a long (and delicious) one and we were all exhausted afterwards. The plan was to head over to Joe's cousin's house but it was already late afternoon by that time and we didn't have it in us after being up since so early. Instead, we went home and all passed out. Easter success.


  1. Oh my gosh your son's outfit is so darn cute! Looks like you guys had a great Easter :)

  2. Your kids are just beautiful. :)


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