I'm 30!

I turned 30 yesterday! Grown up status. Can I just say how great my husband is?! I'm a crazy Momma and felt a little anxiety at the thought of leaving our babies multiple nights so Joe arranged something closer to home for us to get a little time away without having to drive too far or be away more than one night. Go ahead, call me crazy. One of these days... 

On Sunday (late morning) we headed over to Galveston Island. My Mother-In-Law came to the house to stay with the kids over night. We started the day off with a nice lunch on the water. There were ducks...and baby ducks! I was pretty excited because isn't a flock of baby ducks just the cutest?! No pictures of that because no one else thought they were as cute as I did and I didn't want to be the nerd snapping pictures. Ha.

We spent the rest of the afternoon having Sunday funday at the resort pool, which was just a big ol' pool party and super fun. Definitely need to do this again! 

That's Jessica. Her and her husband Jacob came to hang out with us at the pool. They're having twins in July - a boy and a girl! Super exciting stuff.


Then, dinner! If you're ever in Galveston, you must go to Number 13. They're new'ish. We went last year for our anniversary too. Joe's best friend (and the best man from our wedding!) is the executive chef there, but I promise I'm not biased. It's just really good...and really pretty. 

Then it rained. I got the alert on my phone so we rushed back to the resort before it started. The pool was shut down and the party fizzled away. It was chilly so Joe went in the hot tub. It was super hot so I just put my feet in. 

After that we headed to the room. After a long day, numerous cocktails and a bottle of bubbly, we passed out at barely 11:30. 

Birthday morning view. 

I also woke up to these. Good job, Joe. Then we headed to ihop for some breakfast goodness. 

After breakfast we did what any parents sans kids would do - we napped.

Then we went and toured the Moody Mansion. The story of the family and the house was pretty interesting! 

The new sandals Joe got me ended up being a little small and of course I needed the right size immediately. The store was a good hour and a half drive from Galveston so we headed out to beat traffic - no go. Traffic was pretty bad. But we got the shoes exchanged.

After arriving home my sister in law showed up with cake. Finley's request. She wanted to "blow out Mommy's candles". She really loves birthday's...and cake. 

Birthday success! A great start to 30. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect birthday! And you're totally rocking that sun hat. So pretty :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great time. Also, I want those sandals!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! Looks like such a fun time!! Love your suit + hat!


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