Getting Started with Essential Oils

Recently, I posted a picture of our oil order on Instagram and a few close friends started messaging me with questions. They'd been intrigued for a while but just didn't know where to start, what to buy, how to use etc.

 We've been using essential oils for years. I was first introduced to them at work. My mom even diffuses now. The woman who swore they'd "give her a headache". A good chunk of my friends use oils as well. I forget that they're still pretty foreign to a lot of people.

 What I know about oils has been acquired through our time using them. I'm no expert and am still learning as I go. Luckily, there's a wealth of great info at our fingertips and any question can be answered with a quick Google search.

Note: We see our doctors. Oils do not replace our medical care. However, they sure do supplement it. I was getting sick a few day ago. After two nights of oils in my bath and diffused in our room, I kicked that would be cold to the curb!

Essential oils do work. There is science behind them. Tea tree oil legit kills bacteria. I've been recommending it to my clients as an acne spot treatment for years. 

This post is truly the beginners guide to getting started; About as basic as it gets. This is the stuff I tell my friends when they ask what they need to get started. If you've used oils before, you likely already know all of this. There are other amazing blogs and sites out there that go more in depth. I'll link as I go.
The first thing I tell people:
"Join this Facebook group" and browse around. It's a huge community and those people know their stuff. The moderators are all certified aromatherapists. I don't post there because every question I've ever had has been answered by a quick search of the group. Start with the "Files" section.

  Aromaweb and Learning About EOs are also great resources.

The 3 ways oils can be used...

Topically On the skin. Most oils (not all) need to be diluted before using directly on the body. Dilute by using a carrier oil. We use fractioned coconut oil. Here is a list of different carrier oils. Here is some good info on diluting with your chosen carrier oil.

 Aromatically This releases the oils into the air. We've tried three different diffusers so far and this one is by far our favorite. Diffusing is our most common method for using oils.

Internally This is something that needs to be thoroughly researched before deciding to ingest oils. It's a controversial topic and with good reason. We choose not to ingest oils.

Which Brand Should I Use?
We use Plant Therapy and Edens Garden. Both of these companies have overall good reputations. Their prices are also very affordable. Some other highly regarded companies are Mountain Rose Herbs and Aura Cacia (which is sold at our grocery store!)

What about this brand my friend is trying to sell me?
 There are a few brands that are sold by MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) sales. Their oils aren't any better or worse than other reputable brands. They do however tend to cost quite a bit more. I prefer not to pay extra to fund a companies advertising and their sales person's cut but that's just me.

There has been some controversy about claims these companies make regarding oils and usage practices. I'll stop right here and let you research that to make up your own mind! One positive aspect of MLM oil sales is that they are getting oils more known and out there, which is great.

Which oils should I start with?
This relies largely on personal preference. What do you want your oils for? Are they for you or your kids? Do you want to make cleaning products? For sleep? Headaches? Stress? The uses are endless.

There are oils you do not want to use around young children. Here is a list of no-no's and at what ages it's safe to use them.

I actually really like blends/synergies. A blend is exactly what it sounds like - a mix of different oils. You get various benefits without having to buy each bottle individually. I use oils a lot for stress and relaxation.

Just be sure that if you have kids, to look at each oil used in a particular blend and check that they are all safe for use around your child/ren (if you will be using with them present). For some of my blends, I wait until the kids are upstairs in bed or only use them in my bath,

Some good oils to start with... 
Lavender, Chamomile, Tea Tree (Age 2+ for topical use), Frankincense, Lemon (this is phototoxic), Eucalyptus (Age 10+), Peppermint (Age 6+), Ylang Ylang (Age 2+), Sweet Orange (also phototoxic), Clary Sage.....to name a few.
(click on oil names for descriptions and uses)

I hope you found this helpful if you aren't yet familiar with EO's. Maybe now you can dive in!

I plan to do a few more posts in the future on different ways we use oils in our home.

Does your family use EO's? Have you been thinking about giving them a try?

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  1. So informative! I always just assumed that people rub them on their body. I had no idea you can diffuse them into the air as well. Good substitute for a candle for a lovely smell! Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for this great little article! I have been thinking about using essential oils for a long time, but there's so much information out there, and I always feel like someone is just trying to sell me stuff - so i never know what to trust and what is just sales pitch! Now I have the basics I feel a bit more confident moving forward - Thanks!

  3. I have been debating getting a oil to help my son sleep. I didn't know you could diffuse it.

  4. I love essential oils, been wanting a diffuser for so long now!

  5. This is a great beginner's guide to EO. There are certainly a few that I love here in my house, Frankincense being one. :-) Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. I love my lavendar. It works miracles for allergies! Just a few drops under my nose and I don't even need an allergy pill anymore! Love it!

  7. I need to get some essential oils! I love lavender for when I go to bed or need to relax. Great post!


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