Completed Dining Room

We've been in the new house for two months now. This place has worked my patience. It's been an experience accepting that I can't have it all done at once. Next room checked off - dining. 

I'm really happy with how this room turned out. The chair rail was already here but we added the wainscoting ourselves, which wasn't terribly difficult. We borrowed a nail gun from Joe's dad. Best tool ever; It saved us SO much time. I always said our next house would have wainscoting and I really do love it. I almost want to take on the entry way...*almost*.

The paint color is called Antique Scroll by Behr. It's actually brand spankin' new to their new Marquee line...which meant it was really hard to find actual rooms with it online. So here ya' go, Google searchers...I dig it. 

We changed the light fixture too. Isn't it pretty? I love my chandeliers and this one was a steal.

I may eventually add some window drapes. I'm still not sure. Also, possibly some candle sconces on both sides of the mirror...yay or nay?

That little table in the corner - my Grandfather made it a long long time ago. It's pretty special.

This is looking from the dining room into the entryway. Our front door is to the right of this photo. That mirror and table would be on your right when you walk in and the dining room is on the left. Basically, it's the first room you really see when you walk in our house...and I love it.


  1. Your dining room is beautiful! I love the table & chairs!!

  2. those chairs are everything!! i love it!

  3. So pretty! That chandelier is gorgeous!

  4. Your wainscoting looks wonderful! I can't believe you guys did that yourselves! I also love the sentimental touch of that table. So special.

  5. Like the chandelier. Nice lighting decision.


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