Backyard Fun

Those little faces. 

I know I keep saying it, but the weather is just so nice here in the Houston area right now. The days are actually pretty warm but the mornings and evenings are perfect. We've been enjoying the backyard, swing set and outside toys. 

Cracks.me.up. Both of these, actually. This boy. This girl.

We're huge bubble fans round' here. We may or may not have used three bottles this day.

That would be our 20 month old climbing the full sized swing set and sliding all on his own. Don't worry; I still soften his landing. 

"Come on, Brother. I'll catch you".

He kept scaring me leaning over the slide like this. At one point he lifted his feet while holding the bar! Made for some darn cute pictures, though. 

Meanwhile, Finley says "I'll stay down here". I have to pep talk her into going on the slide. I have to watch and spot him constantly. I can't take my eyes off him in the yard. They couldn't be any more different. My incredibly sweet. wild child and my diva, mini-me. 

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  1. They are SOOO cute! The weather is so nice where you are. Oh what I would give to shorts right now!


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