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Hi there. Let me introduce myself. I know, I know - I'm way past due for a post here. This new house thing is kicking my butt. It was much easier the first time around with no kids to chase around and keep alive. A normal person would say they are settled in at this point, but I'm not normal...type A and all. Some of the rooms are getting there. Our bedroom is a decoration or two away. I *think* I'm happy with our restroom. Half bath is almost there. Carson's room too. Finley's room has a way to go, we're still waiting on her new furniture and I've yet to find the perfect bedding. Same with the play room. I need to hang a few things and do a little more shopping to hopefully be done with that. Dining room furniture is on the way but we're still deciding on a paint color. It's a lot, but we'll get there.

Also, it's rodeo month! Rodeo is a big deal here. It's not your normal rodeo. Thousands of people go every day. Rodeo season kicks off with a huge cook-off, parade and trail ride (my Mom rides in it), followed by day after day and night after night of livestock shows, a carnival, shopping, animal exhibits, the rodeo and famous star concert performances. It's so much fun and I think most everyone here looks forward to it every year. 

On Thursday we went to Miranda Lambert. We're going to Florida Georgia Line next week. Joe was there too; just wasn't feeling pictures. 

We plan to take the kids out to the animal exhibits and carnival one of these days. It was rainy on Joe's days of this week :(

My favorite part. Some of Miranda's friends came out and they sang Dixie Chicks!

That's about it for the excitement around here. 

If we can get some good sunlight, I'll post our finished (for the time being) master bathroom pictures tomorrow.

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