People of New York and Perspective

The kids are napping. It was either paint the second coat in the dining room or this.

Do you follow "People of New York" on Facebook? If not, check it out. It's created by an awesome photographer who takes photos of random people on the streets of NYC and tells a little bit of their story, whatever it may be. Pretty self explanatory. It's a time suck. A good one. I don't go there to read often because of said time suck, but I do occasionally and it always sparks some sort of feeling. I'm sure that's the case for everyone who reads. It's largely popular and the pictures get thousands of comments.

While reading the other day, one comment really stood out to me. Well, a part of it especially. It was on a picture of a man and the comment had the most "likes". Other people even commented on that comment. 

"Give value to your decisions every day. Be sure they are making you the person you want to be. You are what you do, not what you want."

I'm not sure if the poster came up with this herself or if it was quoted from someone else so I can't really give credit to anyone. It seemed to have hit home with a lot of people judging by the comments, myself included. I think it can be taken many different ways and fits a lot of different situations.

Lately I've been struggling with balance. It's hard. I'm the mother of a one and three year old. The recent move has me all over the place. I've mentioned to y'all that I'm crazy. Being a perfectionist causes me to become overwhelmed. I get irritated. I sometimes yell. I snap at Joe or the kids over stupid things. All because of the stress of life, kids, responsibilities, the new house etc. I deny myself enjoyment at times because of all.the.things that need to be done right now. I put too much pressure on myself. This gig is important to me and I want to do it right. But I let it overwhelm and negatively affect me. 

That's not the mother or wife I want to be. Some things can wait. I need to remind myself of this. Will my kids care that it took several weeks for all the pictures to be hung or for me to put some wall decals up in Carson's room? Nope. The other night I expressed to Joe the pressure I feel to make everything come together so perfectly and he reminded me, "April, you have no deadlines. The stuff isn't going anywhere. You need to relax". He's right. I try. I really do. 

I feel like a lot of other women and mothers can relate. We put the pressure of the world on ourselves and sometimes we let it get to us. We get stressed, irritated, moody with our spouse or children. 

That's where this quote comes in for me. I don't want to be the mom who is grumpy, overwhelmed or short with her kids. I want to be fun, patient and reasonable. God knows these kids can press some buttons these days. Finley tries her hardest. I need that patience to keep me from yelling. To keep me calm. 

"Give value to your decisions every day. Be sure they are making you the person you want to be. You are what you do, not what you want."

My reminder. STOP. Sit down, tickle your kids, laugh more, dance, go outside, be silly. The things can wait. Stop thinking so much and start doing.  


  1. I really like this post. You're right, it's important to focus on the important stuff. I also have the "perfectionist" trait and it causes a lot of stress and irritation. That quote really sums it up.

  2. I have the perfectionist trait. The number one person that puts pressure on me, is well myself. I stress my own self out way too much. I love your post.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree! I burden myself up with so many things I should do that I get so overwhelmed I end up doing none of it... Love your blog, thank you for your honesty! :) x x x

  4. Thanks for the comments. I really did feel vulnerable putting some of this out there but since I know other women can relate, I decided to go ahead. I


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