Master Bedroom Reveal

It's complete. Well, it's been complete for a while. I just forgot to take pictures until now. 

You may notice that it looks really similar to our prior room in the old house. We did change up some things though, including the paint. It's a little lighter now and is actually the same color we used in Carson's room (no pictures of that yet) and the upstairs restroom

This paint color is called Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams.

I mentioned before how much we loved our room in the other house, so instead of changing it up completely we just added a few more touches but kept it mostly the same. I really am happy with the slightly lighter wall color. 

Those pictures on the table were taken at the hospital of when Finley met Carson for the first time and of newborn Carson, Joe and I in the pickup area about the leave the hospital. They are new additions to the room. When Finley saw them the other day she said "Look! Look! That's at the hospital from when brother was born". She was so excited about them. It was really, really sweet. <3

Check out that photo on the night stand above. We were teens in that picture!

You can find a listing of most of the items in this room with links at the bottom of this post. The only other really noticeable things we added are the lamps which were purchased at ikea and the curtains, which can be found here.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. love the bedding! it's nice to be done & finished with a room :)

  2. Love the wall color and the bedding! I would love to have a white fluffy duvet, but first I need to kick the dogs out of my bed! :) -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  3. I really like your sheets. We use white bedding too, but I'm looking to maybe change it up for different white bedding #risktaker lol

  4. Love your room! It’s so classy & cozy! I’ve always wanted an all white comforter set, but have been apprehensive with a little boy around. We finally got one that is grey & white and will see how that goes!

  5. I'm totally loving this!! Clean and peaceful, yet totally soft and romantic still! And the wall color is fabulous!


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