Is your dog food harming your dog?

This is way off topic from what you'd normally read here, but I got to thinking after placing our regular dog food order. 

Do you know what you're feeding your dog? Have you really looked into it? Once upon a time I was embarrassingly dog obsessed. I was one of them. I carried Chloe everywhere in my purse. I dressed her in pretty puppy dresses and I was nothing short of dog crazed. I was one of those people who compared having a dog to having a child. Hahahaha! Then I had kids and got real. Priorities shifted and life changed. However, I still love our girls. I want the best for them and their health. 

I've mentioned my crazy researching tendencies before. Long story short; I learned the truth about dog food. Y'all, most of the stuff from the grocery store is junk. Nasty, horrible, non-nutritious, filler, junk. Please don't be offended if you feed your dog food from the grocery store. I'm not trying to be holier than thou here. Most people just don't know. The bags make great claims, right? We're all well meaning. How bad can it be? Pretty bad. Do you buy "a good brand" from a major pet store chain? Some of that is pretty bad too. You might be surprised. 

Go check out your favorite brands here and/or here to see how they rate. This isn't a promoted post or anything. I'm in no way affiliated with either of these sites. I've just used them for reference before. There are great brands out there. Ones that care about your dogs health. Ones that focus on using quality ingredients and enough of them. 

These two sites (linked above) will help you to find those responsible brands if you decide to make a switch. Feeding quality food doesn't have to cost a fortune. The food we purchase for the girls runs about $28 for a 15lb bag. Since they're both small, it lasts. 


Feed store runs were a regular occurrence for us but our brand has now become available on Amazon. Yay to them for making good stuff and it paying off! More and more people are becoming aware and it's making better dog foods more accessible, which is awesome! 

I don't claim be a dog food expert. I'm not. No where near it. I don't wait long periods of time for a big truck to arrive with super special raw foods or anything like that. I did my research, picked a responsible and well rated brand and went with it. I want the girls to live their full life spans and to remain healthy during that time. 

I hope if you've stumbled upon this and haven't really thought about the subject before that you find this useful!


  1. We buy our food from our vet…I think it's veterinary science diets. We got Lulu started on it when he started to have some skin allergies and he has been doing great ever since. It is super expensive, but worth it for his health.

  2. Ha, we pretend our Stella is our baby.. until time for babies! I’m definitely checking out what’s in the food we give her asap. Great post!

  3. Your dogs are so cute! We get our cat food from our vet, based on their recommendations so I hope it's a good kind!


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