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This past Monday. Our first zoo trip of the year. I'm so excited about the nicer weather and can't wait to go again. We love the zoo. 



It's almost my birthday month. Y'all, I'm about to be 30.


This is a preview of Finley's room. That and the dining room are my current projects. It's really really close to being complete. I just need to find some finishing touches and a new mirror for over her dresser. I decided the prior one is too small. 

This picture above cost a whole $6. I purchased the frame on sale and printed the photos from free prints I found on Pinterest. I designed the bottom "Love" one myself on Pic Monkey.


My big Mickey coffee cup. It's my current favorite. I'm kind of on a big coffee cup kick. This one is special because we got it during our last trip to Magic Kingdom, which was Finley's first time to go. We plan on waiting until Carson is almost three to go back and I can't wait


Weekend plans. I'm thinking we may go visit my Mom tomorrow if she isn't busy. Finley has been asking to "go to Grandma's house". The weather is really getting nice so we've got to do something outside.

Joe is off on Sunday and we're considering going to the Childrens Festival (if we're feeling up to the crowds). He's also off on Monday and we really do try to do our fun stuff on week days when we can, so maybe something else? We'll see, I guess. We're due for a trip to the Children's Museum soon.


Yay, I've linked up for the Friday blog hops! It's been too long. Join in! 

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  1. The sneakpeak of Finley's room looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of it. Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh how fun! We haven’t made it to the zoo yet this year, but can’t wait. Love that mug! We are going to Disney World in May and can’t wait. It’s a surprise trip for my little man for his Pre-K graduation & 5th birthday!

  3. Crystal, you guys are going to have so much fun! It's seriously the best thing ever to go with your child.

  4. Can't wait to see the rest of Finley's room!! I'm loving how it looks so far! :) :)


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