Current Favorites

I haven't done one of these in a while and I'm ready to get back at it here. So lets get on with it. 


One of my most favorite ipsy bag products to date. This makes my skin so soft and smells amazing. I'll be buying more. 


Not my toothbrush. It's Finley's. Does your kid have a Sonicare? If not, get one. This thing made me a star parent at the dentist on Friday. Finley's teeth were perfect and had zero plaque. I'm sure our good food/drink habits help too but the dentist was really excited when I mentioned her having one of these. She said they are great for lazy brushers too because they blast everything off. Carson has a cheapie electric brush. I was waiting a while to get him a Sonicare but he's getting his own now too.


I normally buy Starbucks "Morning Joe", but switched it up this time with a flavored blend. So good. I never see this one on the shelf and really hope they have it again when we run out! 


My Chi broke. It wasn't worth the price anyway. Enter Amazon reviews. This thing was a whole $17 and I'm pretty sure it's better than the Chi. Score! Reviews don't lie.


I have lots of snazzy perfumes, but lets be real. Do I really need expensive perfume for my every day life? The mall, the grocery store, Lowes, Target, the car wash. No. This scent is right up my alley. Next time you're at Bath & Body Works, be sure to give it a try. I rarely go into Bath and Body so finding this was a fluke. A good one.


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