Completed Master Restroom

Moving along with the house updates. I finally took some pictures of our restroom.

It's been rainy and drab out so I wasn't able to get any sunlight but most of these were taken without a flash.

I'm happy with the simplicity of this space. I just kind of threw those candle holders on the counter when we moved in since they were in our old restroom on the window sill. I'm thinking I'll eventually replace them with something else.

The paint color is Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams.
The photo below was taken with a flash. The above ones were not.

I scrutinized over the color choice for this room. I really wanted the perfect greige color. Our bedroom is more of a true gray. I'd already purchased these rugs and brown accessories and didn't feel like returning. I felt like "greige" would go with the accessories while not clashing with the gray bedroom. 

I'm super happy with the color choice. When you look at it you really do ask yourself "is this gray or is this beige?". I love that.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. We're headed to the rodeo carnival and animal exhibits tomorrow. Finley can't wait. She's been talking about going for weeks now.

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