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I feel like haven't really shared what's been going on around here lately, besides the new house stuff, which really is the main thing. We've had a little break of sorts from that the past few days. Everything is up to date as far as paperwork and we're just waiting on appraisals. The one on our current house is this Tuesday. 

Lets start with last Sunday. This was at Bradley's birthday party. Bradley is the son of Joe's best friend Chris, who was also the Best Man in our wedding. Chris and Joe grew up together and we all went to high school together. In fact, the guys not only graduated from high school together, but also culinary school and they had their first fine dining jobs together. I love that our kids are so close in age. Finley is only four months younger than Bradley.

On Monday we went to Homegoods but didn't find much. The rest of the week was kind of a blur. I started feeling under the weather on Wednesday night. On Friday my cough was so terrible that I didn't fall asleep until 6:15 in the morning - no exaggeration. Luckily that was short lived and there was only that one terrible night. I'm pretty much on the mend now, aside from the occasional cough. Carson had a runny nose yesterday but it cleared up today. Yay, for his immune system kicking in.

Even though I was still feeling bad yesterday afternoon the kids and I ventured over to Hobby Lobby. We were going stir crazy in this house. Big mistake. I picked up a few things but decided that I'm going to go back another day when I can leave the kids home with Joe. At this point I really just need to sit down and figure out what exactly it is I want to do with each room. Without a plan it's just all really overwhelming. I could walk the same aisles over an over in that store and still spot new things and come up with new ideas...but not really with my one and three year old in tow also wanting to "walk" or hurry to the checkout because that's where the candy is.

Last night Joe asked his Mom to come over after he got off work so that him and I could go see the midnight showing of American Sniper. The kids were already in bed so really she just came over to sleep. Yes, the midnight showing. I thought the same thing at first. Totally not the norm for us but really, really nice.

Tonight we went over to Joe's mom's house to watch the Super Bowl with family. I enjoyed the whole first twenty or so minutes until one of the teams got their second touchdown and the score was no longer seven to seven. Our money squares were seven and seven. Booo. No luck. That's all I cared about game wise. The food and company was good and the kids had fun with their cousins. 

Also, I was supposed to work this past Saturday, but didn't. I'll save that for my next post since it's almost 2 am and I should probably get to bed.

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  1. Can't wait to see house updates!!! And glad you guys ar feeling better - we lived American sniper!


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