We Closed on the House!

Actually, it was this past Friday. My poor blog. Life has been intense, y'all. The house was a construction zone for a good three days between painters and getting both kids flooring redone. We had to be out of our other home and into this one within hours after closing. What a big stressful blur that was!
We sold our very first house (that we built) an are now homeowners to our second home. When did we become such grown-ups?!?

There are so many little tasks after buying a home that you don't think about. We're still working on all those. Things are finally starting to come along. I don't do well with chaos and mess so I've been working like a crazy person to get some order around here. We're finally getting there and making it our own. We both really love the new place. The kids are currently obsessed with the stairs. Thank Goodness for great baby gates.

Us signing.

I'll be posting rooms as we complete them. All of them are put together (minus the formal dining since we're still table shopping), just not fully finished how I planned them just yet. Amazon Prime has been my BFF. I did finish the upstairs restroom today. Tomorrow, when I can get some good pictures in the daylight, I'll post that. 

We've been up super late every single night for the past week. I'm talking three am or later. Here it is, almost one in morning and I've finally made the time to update here. Life will start to settle down some soon, I hope! Anyways, pictures coming tomorrow, or should I say....later today?
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