Moving Update

I'm here. For now. I mentioned being sick and starting to feel better in my last post. Nope. It came back. On top of coughing ALL night long and being exhausted from that, I was leisurely trying to prepare for our upcoming move. Then I got an email from our realtor yesterday. The move has been pushed up. To next Friday! Leisurely packing no more. Luckily I got my first decent sleep in forever last night and am finally starting to feel better.

I'm packing several boxes a day while trying to tie up loose ends and get stuff scheduled and purchased for the new house. Joe is still on his normal work schedule, plus some. He had two big events this week and has been preparing for a super important wine dinner tonight. A straight eight day work week. So basically it's been allllll momma around here. A plus - running around town has been a pleasure with our beautiful weather lately. It was 80 yesterday! Sunglasses weather. 


With that said, please bear with me over the next few weeks, as I may not be around as much or my posts may only be quick updates until things settle down a bit. I know that it will take some time to get things how I'd like at the new house but I don't do well with chaos. I see myself working like a crazy person to get it all together.



  1. good luck with the move- we just moved right before christmas so i completely understand! hope it goes well! so exciting

  2. What an untimely period to get sick. As if the moving itself wasn’t enough to stress you out, you’ve got to deal with it in a coughing fit. I hope you’re feeling better now, and that everything went well with the move. Good luck!

    June Griffith @ Arnold & Self


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